The Traffic Jam with Keith Landecker

Keith Landecker will get you home with the best music, the hottest mixes by Core DJ Tony Neal, on the point traffic, news and the latest in sports with Around the League.  If you’re stuck in traffic, there’s nothing better than KL and the Traffic Jam with Core DJ Tony Neal.


  • Lynda Edwards

    Hello, I’m writing an article for the Chattanooga Times Free Press about Salt N Pepa coming to Riverbend. I was in Miami in the 1990s when the ladies were making hits. I wondered if you might share your insights for the article on how popular their music was in Chattanooga. Do you see them as trailblazers because, along with MC Lyte and Latifah, they were among the first female rappers? Were they an example of girl power? Rolling Stone put them at #46 on its list of 50 greatest albums by female vocalis right behind Taylor Swift, kind of an odd place to be. Thanks! Lynda Edwards