Street Flava with Big Tula and C-Beezy

This is your homie Big Tula! New Year New Street Flava!  It’s 2020 and we are about to change things up for Street Flava!  Street Flava will still allow our local artist to showcase their talent on-air but now the Street Flava Artists of the week will be every night at between 9:30pm and 10pm during the Mika in ya Speaka show with me, Big Tula!

So send me your music!

Criteria for Submitting music for Street Flava:

  1. Only a single song can be submitted.  We will not review albums, EPs, nor multiple tracks.

  2. Song must be clean edit and radio friendly (No suggestive, inappropriate content).

  3. Submission must be clearly labeled with Artist name, Song title, and Contact information.

  4. Submission will be evaluated on content and quality.

  5. If you submission is selected, we will contact you by the information you provided.

  6. Send you submission to or drop off a CD to the Brewer Media Studio located Downtown Chattanooga at 1305 Carter Street, Chattanooga, TN 37402.

  7. CD’s become the property of Brewer Media so please do not submit originals.  Copies only.