Yo Gotti And Jay Z Sue Parchman Prison Over COVID-19 Outbreak

Yo Gotti and Jay Z are continuing to fight for better regulations in Mississippi state’s penitentiary system due to the rise of COVID-19.

Earlier this year, the duo had secured legal representation for close to 200 inmates who had publicly claimed that they were experiencing deadly living conditions. Team ROC had filed an initial lawsuit against the Mississippi Department of Corrections which revealed that inmates in the Parchman Farm/Prison were forced to endure in unsafe living environments which included flooded cells, rat infestation, black mold, and undercooked meals that sometimes contained roaches, rat feces, and bird droppings.

Yo Gotti released an official statement in the court lawsuit documents that reads: “The situation in Parchman is dire. More and more of the incarcerated population are reaching out for help and pleading for immediate medical attention, especially as the coronavirus threatens their lives. Mississippi Governor Reeves, Commissioner Burl Cain and Centene — as the parent company of Parchman’s healthcare provider Centurion — can’t continue to neglect this tragedy and let the death toll rise. We will hold them accountable and fight for the rights of the incarcerated.”

Yo Gotti and JAY-Z Help Mississippi State Prison Inmates Sue Over COVID-19 Outbreak

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